Hans Theys is a twentieth-century philosopher and art historian. He has written and designed dozens of books on the works of contemporary artists and published hundreds of essays, interviews and reviews in books, catalogues and magazines. All his publications are based on actual collaborations and conversations with artists.

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Anna Godzina

Anna Godzina - 2019 - Singing the Space Electric [EN, essay]
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Hans Theys



Singing the Space Electric

About Anna Godzina’s work


Anna Godzina (b. 1990 in Chișinău, Moldova) creates minimalistic, kinetic sculptures and installations that sprinkle tiny sounds through space. They consist of found objects such as electric engines, parts of music instruments, tubes and pipes, tiny pebbles, wood, metal, bolts, strings, cogwheels, belts, glass bulbs, water, sawblades etcetera. Slowly they move and almost imperceptibly their flowery additions to space, reshape, energizise or unfold it.

    Some time ago, Godzina studied film making. Creating cinema, however, lost its attraction for her. Classical cinema, that is, for it is our intimate conviction that she went on making films but with other means. Don’t we recognize the repetitive sound of a projector? Or the slapping sound of the film strip at the end of a projection?

    Vaguely we remember a blind emperor who had a large garden designed to listen to when it rained. And indeed traditional Chinese gardens were provided with Rain Pavillions, from whence the owner could listen to the ever changing garden revealed to him or her by the ever changing winds and raindrops.

    Thus speak to us the tinkling sculptural proposals of Godzina, strewn through space, making it visible to us in a new way.

    Simultaneously, however, their delicate but functional structures and elegant movements pull us into a world of tactile and visual pleasure, childhood memories and fantasy.



Montagne de Miel, 16 June 2019