Hans Theys is a twentieth-century philosopher and art historian. He has written and designed dozens of books on the works of contemporary artists and published hundreds of essays, interviews and reviews in books, catalogues and magazines. All his publications are based on actual collaborations and conversations with artists.

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Guy Rombouts

Guy Rombouts Hanging a Sculpture - 2007 [video], 2007
Video , 00:06:32

We see Guy Rombouts hang a sculpture for 'Code Red', the second opening of 'The Moss Gathering Tumbleweed Experience' an eleven month lasting, growing and bifurcating group show with works by 105 artists, put together by Hans Theys and taking place at three venues at the same time (Nicc, Antwerp; Lokaal 01, Breda; Galeria Klerkx, Milan). Filmed by Hans Theys